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About Odelskraft

We provide creative solutions to smallscale hydropower clients in Norway,
by providing group purchasing power to individual projects,
together with exclusive access to innovative technology.

Our History

Odelskraft is a name built on ancient, Norwegian traditions. ‘Odel’ is a Germanic word that means something close to ‘birth right’ and ‘kraft’ means power in Norwegian. The significance is that Odelskraft believes in harnessing the power of the traditional Norwegian attachment to their land, which has been handed down over millennia, since before the Viking times. Our customers are not corporations, but families of farmers, forresters and fisherman that want to develop their natural resources, for the benefit of all future generations – sustainably and profitably.

Our Vision

Odelskraft helps local landowners to exploit their strong bonds to the land by offering the advantages of scale that are a benefit of a group working at a global level. The company has secured much lower material and installation costs by striking purchase and construction agreements that are generally unavailable to individual private developers, and developing ‘best in class’ technical solutions, to which the company has exclusive access in Norway.

Why choose Odelskraft?
50 +
Projects completed by our team
300 +
Project portfolio
25 %
Lower construction costs
30 %
Reduction in build time
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