Odelskraft assisting HydroFoamer construction in Turkey

Odelskraft is offering technical assistance to HydroFoamer Ltd, who are constructing the automated spray system, HydroFoamer, in Ankara, Turkey.

The HydroFoamer is a true robotic spray system, with a 12-metre reach, that can spray an entire 12m section of 900mm pipe in less than 6 minutes. With such a high cycle rate, the HydroFoamer will be able to complete over 500 metres of pipeline installation per day.

A 3D film of the concept is available here.

The construction project will complete the project in early Q2-2021. HydroFoamer is collaborating with Siemens, Leica and Mechabits in Ankara, as well as other partners in the pipeline manufacturer sector and leading civil engineers.

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