Odelskraft is a name built on ancient, Norwegian traditions.  ‘Odel’ is a Germanic word that means something close to ‘birth right’ and ‘kraft’ means power in Norwegian.  The significance is that Odelskraft believes in harnessing the power of the traditional Norwegian attachment to their land, which has been handed down over millennia, since before the Viking times.  Our customers are not corporations, but families of farmers, forresters and fisherman that want to develop their natural resources, for the benefit of all future generations – sustainably and profitably.

The company itself was founded by Jarle Lysberg, in 2008. Apart from the cultural aspect, the core business idea was to focus on establishing clusters of individual, but cooperative hydropower installations, which could leverage group purchasing policies and share construction & operational maintenance processes. Jarle had a background as a senior Norwegian naval officer, specialising in logistics and infrastructure. During the period 2001 to 2008, Jarle gained years of experience in hydropower, both in Norway and abroad, working for companies such as Elkem, Norsk Grønnkraft, which is now part of Småkraft. Together with leading figures in the hydropower sector, he formulated a development strategy that has seen the signing up of a portfolio of just over 300 projects from the target sector of projects in the 1 to 10MW range.