Odelskraft helps local landowners to exploit their strong bonds to the land by offering the advantages of scale that are a benefit of a group working at a global level. The company has secured much lower material and installation costs by striking purchase and construction agreements that are generally unavailable to individual private developers, and developing ‘best in class’ technical solutions, to which the company has exclusive access in Norway.

Through years of experience, analysis and the footslog of good old fashioned ‘creek hunting,’ Odelskraft sees that the effectively unlimited need for green renewables gives Norway a massive advantage in the power space, in particular in hydropower and wind. There are 400 licensed projects that are ‘ready to build,’ and another 4,000+ that can be developed profitably.

Beyond classic grid connection, recent moves towards the production of electricity for data centres and hydrogen, which do not require grid connection, give Odelskraft an unparalleled advantage in exploitation of new ‘run of river’ projects that were not always considered ‘low hanging fruit’ by the giants such as the Norwegian state-owned Statkraft.

But we always return to our roots: the Norwegian tradition of the development of natural resources, passed from generation to generation, through skill, dedication and love of the land.