Engineering Planning takes typically 6 to 9 months

Once the Directorate grants a Development Licence, the project moves to the Engineering Planning phase.

The precise output of the Engineering Planning phase depends on the requirements and conditions of the Development Licence. However, all engineering planning divides into two interrelated sections:

  • Technical
    • Detailed construction design of the intake, the penstock (the water pipe) and the turbine / generator station
    • Precise dimensioning of the hydropower plant, to comply with hydrology reports and the conditions of the licence
    • Tendering and procurement of materials, components and local construction capacity
  • Environmental
    • Ensuring minimal ecological impact
    • Ensuring compliance with Development Licence conditions and general legislation

If the project is not ‘Licence Exempt,’ we submit the Technical and Environmental plans for final evaluation and authorisation. The documentation generally follows a format required by the Directorate, but Odelskraft has a very detailed ‘Work Breakdown Structure’ project planning system, based on decades of team experience that goes beyond the standard requirements. This level of ‘internal project control’ minimises the risk of cost overruns and allows very tight control of construction schedules, which are extremely important in the limited building season of the Norwegian climate.

The output of the Engineering Planning phase is a full ‘costed construction plan,’ authorised where necessary by the Directorate.

At this point, a final investment decision is made, on the basis of expected investment return on the project, which is a product of expected income (future power prices) and total project costs, including Project Development, Licensing, Engineering Planning and Construction costs.