Odelskraft has exclusive access to the HydroFoamer pipe installation method in Norway.

In 2014, Odelskraft was responsible for the start-up of the project that would lead to the worldwide patented technology now owned by HydroFoamer Ltd of the UK.

The technology allows the replacement aggregate backfill, which is expensive and requires long installation times, with native soil. The technique involves coating the hydropower pipeline (known as a ‘penstock’) in a thin layer of specially-formulated polyurethane foam, which:

  • protects the pipe mechanically
  • stabilises the pipe geotechnically
  • avoids the need for thrust anchor blocks

The technique was piloted by Statkraft in 2016, at the Adamselv hydropower project in Finnmark, with stunning technical success.

The impact on project times is enormous: historically, pipeline installation requires a full season for a typical smallscale hydropower project, because classic installation allows only 15 to 20 metres installation per day. The HydroFoamer method increases the tempo by 20-fold or more, meaning that the time to instal a kilometre of pipeline is reduced from 50 working days to 7 working days including mobilisation, or as fast as the trench can be excavated and refilled.

Odelskraft will instal 4 projects in the 2021 build season, with the new automated HydroFoamer pipe sprayer.